Evaluating the Effectiveness of Your Call Answering Service: Metrics and KPIs to Watch To Optimise Customer Service

When it comes to business, missed calls often mean missed opportunities. That’s where call answering services like Onwards Answering come into play, utilising the latest in call centre metrics and agent performance strategies to ensure quality customer experience. But how do you measure the effectiveness of these services? Evaluating your call answering service requires a deep dive into specific metrics and KPIs that highlight performance and efficiency. Let’s explore these crucial indicators and see how Onwards Answering excels in delivering outstanding results.

Understanding the Importance of Call Answering Metrics and KPIs to Improve Customer Experience

In the fast-paced business world, every call is a potential lead, a customer enquiry, or a service request. Ensuring that these calls are handled efficiently can significantly impact your business’s success. Onwards Answering understands this critical need and employs a variety of metrics to monitor and enhance our call handling performance.

1. Call Answer Rate and Agent Performance and Productivity

Why It Matters: The call answer rate measures the percentage of incoming calls that are answered by your service. A high call answer rate indicates that your call answering service is effectively managing call volumes without letting calls go unanswered, showcasing effective call centre metrics in practice.

Onwards Answering’s Approach: At Onwards Answering, we prioritise responsiveness. Our dedicated team ensures that no call goes unanswered, capturing every potential business opportunity. This emphasis on customer service is a core principle of our contact center operations. By maintaining a high call answer rate, we help our clients avoid the pitfalls of missed calls and maximise their engagement with customers.

2. Average Call Handling Time

Why It Matters: This metric tracks the average duration of calls handled by the service. It’s essential to strike a balance—calls should be long enough to address customer needs thoroughly but short enough to maintain efficiency and handle high call volumes.

Onwards Answering’s Approach: We train our call handlers to be both thorough and efficient. By understanding your business and its values, we ensure that every call is handled professionally and promptly, aligning with your brand image while optimizing call durations.

3. First Call Resolution (FCR)

Why It Matters: FCR measures the percentage of calls resolved on the first contact without the need for follow-up, a pivotal call centre metric in assessing agent performance and overall customer experience. High FCR rates indicate that your service is effectively addressing caller needs without causing unnecessary delays or requiring additional calls.

Onwards Answering’s Approach: Our call handlers are skilled at screening calls and distinguishing between important inquiries and unwanted distractions. This expertise allows us to resolve issues quickly and efficiently, enhancing the caller’s experience and improving FCR rates.

4. Caller / Customer Satisfaction (CSAT)

Why It Matters: Customer satisfaction is a direct reflection of how well your call answering service meets client expectations. High CSAT scores indicate that callers are happy with the service they receive, which can lead to higher customer retention and loyalty, central aims for any customer service-focused call center.

Onwards Answering’s Approach: We take a personalised approach to call handling. By working closely with our clients to understand their specific needs and preferences, we ensure that every interaction aligns with their expectations and enhances customer satisfaction. Feedback from callers is regularly reviewed and used to improve our services continually, aligning with key call centre metrics for enhanced customer experience.

5. Track Call Abandonment Rate

Why It Matters: This metric tracks the percentage of calls abandoned by callers before they are answered. A high abandonment rate can indicate that callers are experiencing long wait times, leading to frustration and potential loss of business.

Onwards Answering’s Approach: By ensuring that our team is adequately staffed and trained to handle peak call volumes, we keep call abandonment rates low. Our proactive call management strategies ensure that callers are attended to promptly, reducing the likelihood of abandoned calls.

6. Call Quality Monitoring

Why It Matters: Regular monitoring and evaluation of call quality are essential to maintain high standards. This involves listening to call recordings, assessing how well calls are handled, and identifying areas for improvement.

Onwards Answering’s Approach: We conduct regular call quality assessments to ensure that our service remains top-notch. Our team is provided with ongoing training and feedback to maintain high standards of professionalism and efficiency in every call they handle.

7. Appointment Scheduling Efficiency

Why It Matters: For businesses that rely on scheduled appointments, the efficiency and accuracy of appointment scheduling by the call answering service are crucial. Mismanagement can lead to missed appointments and dissatisfied customers.

Onwards Answering’s Approach: Our team is proficient in using various scheduling tools to manage your calendar effectively. We ensure that appointments are accurately scheduled and updated, saving you time and reducing administrative burdens. This meticulous approach ensures that your calendar remains organised and that no appointments are missed, reflecting our commitment to productivity and performance metrics in customer service.

8. Message Accuracy and Delivery Time

Why It Matters: Accurate message taking and prompt delivery are vital for ensuring that important information reaches you without delay. Errors or delays in message delivery can negatively impact your business operations, highlighting the importance of efficient contact centre processes and agent performance.

Onwards Answering’s Approach: At Onwards Answering, we take pride in our precise message-taking capabilities. Messages are accurately captured and relayed through your preferred communication method—be it email, SMS, or an online platform—ensuring you never miss crucial information.

Conclusion: Ensuring Excellence with Onwards Answering

Evaluating the effectiveness of your call answering service involves looking at various metrics and KPIs that reflect how well the service is performing, including agent performance and call centre metrics. By focusing on these indicators, you can ensure that your business captures every opportunity and maintains high levels of customer satisfaction.

Onwards Answering excels in these areas by providing a tailored, responsive, and efficient call handling service. Our commitment to understanding your business and delivering personaliased service ensures that your calls are managed professionally and effectively. With our focus on key metrics like call answer rate, average call handling time, first call resolution, and customer satisfaction, we help your business thrive by keeping communication channels open and efficient.

For businesses looking to enhance their call handling processes, partnering with Onwards Answering means investing in a service that prioritises excellence and reliability. Let us help you capture every opportunity and maintain seamless communication with your customers.


Q1: Why is the call answer rate important for my business in terms of call center productivity and customer service quality? The call answer rate is crucial because it measures how effectively your call answering service handles incoming calls. A high call answer rate ensures that you don’t miss potential business opportunities due to unanswered calls, a crucial productivity metric for any call center.

Q2: How does Onwards Answering ensure high customer satisfaction through effective customer service practices?Onwards Answering ensures high customer satisfaction by providing personalized service, understanding your specific needs, and delivering professional and prompt call handling. We regularly review customer feedback to continuously improve our services.

Q3: What makes Onwards Answering different from other call answering services? Onwards Answering stands out due to our tailored approach, skilled call handlers, and commitment to high standards of service. We work closely with our clients to align our services with their brand image and ensure a seamless caller experience.

Q4: How can I monitor the performance of my call answering service? You can monitor the performance of your call answering service by tracking key metrics such as call answer rate, average call handling time, first call resolution, customer satisfaction, and call abandonment rate. Regularly reviewing these metrics helps ensure your service meets your business needs.

Q5: Can Onwards Answering handle appointment scheduling? Yes, Onwards Answering can manage your diary and schedule appointments on your behalf, showcasing our comprehensive approach to productivity and performance in customer service. Our team is proficient in using various scheduling tools to ensure your calendar remains organized and up-to-date, reflecting our focus on productivity and performance metrics in customer service.

For more information about how Onwards Answering can enhance your business communication, visit our website.

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